Spotlights everyday pitfalls that keep you from being joyful

Torrid Faith

Is your faith hot or cold? Do you wish you could hear from God and know for sure how to make your life better? Introducing the Torrid Faith 40-day Faith Challenge!

Designed with teens in mind!

Why choose the book

This challenge is for you if:

any of the following is true...

Lifestyle Issues

You want your life to change for the better OR you struggle and want to build strong friendships that last and are meaningful.

The Heart's Desire

You want to grow in your faith.

Faith struggles

You think prayer is just for church OR You say faith can't be fun OR you’re not sure about God, church or your faith.

Spiritual Wholeness

You wish you could be closer to Jesus.


You believe your happiness or worth depends on what others think or say about you OR you’ve felt lonely, afraid, or confused.

A Clear and Good Direction

You want to hear God's plan for you.

Compiled with teens in mind

Challenge spotlights everyday pitfalls that keep people from being truly joyful. It also uncovers the depth of what Jesus has done by revealing those things that keep us all down

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Take the challenge and discover a clear path to the life God wants for you and everyone

Imagine if everyone took this Challenge and was able to hear from God! Are you up to the challenge?

About the author

Dr. Mendoza is the Dean of Languages & Literature and an English professor at Wayland Baptist University. She is the published author of twelve novels, five novellas, sixteen plays, as well as several short stories, poems, journal articles, and the non-fiction book, Teaching Squirrels. She has an MFA in Writing, an MA in Humanities & Literature, and a Ph.D. in Leadership & Higher Education.

Writer, Speaker, Lay Minister

Kimberlee Mendoza, Ph.D

Love from readers

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Penelope Marzec Author of Angel of the L Train

"[A Girl Named Christmas] is a poignant but sweet story well worth reading."

Debra G on "Taps to the Soul"

“This is an amazing story and will keep you wondering right to the end. ”

Paul McShane Good News, Etc

"Mendoza writes with the mind of a chess champion. She's always at least three moves ahead of her reader.”

Dee Dailey Romance Studio Reviews

“Kimberlee Mendoza writes a great story for young people...”

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